Yacov’s Creations


Mr. Nobody Action Figure

Mr. Nobody is an imaginary action figure 12 inches tall, with three legs and 17 movable parts – a toy for the soul and the creative mind. Mr. Nobody is a game of inner and outer balance that will stimulate your imagination and help develop patience.

It’s easy to play the game! To put Mr. Nobody in endless poses, gently rotate the limbs and slowly adjust for balance.

How many balancing poses can you come up with?

Price: $15 (+s&h)


Mr. Nobody Illustrated Book and DVD

Mr. Nobody Searching for Silence is a short storybook that is magnificently illustrated with bright, colorful, imaginative pages. It has humor and depth, and it starts:

“Twice upon a time, deep on the road to nowhere lived Mr. Nobody…”

Price: Book Only $15 (+s&h); DVD Only $12 (+s&h); or $10 (digital download)


Organic Moments Original Poetry
by Yacov Noy

This wonderful CD features 24 original poems written by Yacov Noy and read by renowned radio and television voice personality Don Martin.

Short delightful flute melodies played by Yacov appear in the intervals between each poem. The CD liner includes printed versions of all 24 poems so you can read along as you listen to Yacov’s heartfelt poetic stylings catalyzed by a lost love and subsequent spiritual unfoldings.

Price: $12 (+s&h); or $10 (digital download)

Original Paintings by Yacov Noy