Who is Yacov Noy?

Comedy review written by Dr. Ken Druck, PhD.

The great comedians hold up a mirror, boldly revealing all. Then, they dare us to take ourselves too seriously. The genius of comedic art is its ability to teach us how to enjoy who, what, and how we are. Nobody achieves this better than Yacov Noy. Reflected in Noy’s mirror are our darkest secrets, hidden passions, child-like fantasies, small-mindedness, sense of wonder, and vanity. Our best and worst qualities. In Noy’s candy shop of refreshingly original routines, we laugh out loud at ourselves. Sometimes irreverently, often uncontrollably, But always with a warm acceptance the comedian himself embodies.

Visual comedy is an art form perfected by Yacov Noy. Through a combination of mime, movement, story-telling, stand up, and illusion, Noy achieves belly laughs with simple visual imagery, clarity, and elegance. When he speaks, never a word is wasted. Whether a curious gorilla set loose in the theatre, a woman preparing for a big night out, or an old man navigating life on a cruise ship, Noy captures the purist elements of his characters. It is this same uncanny ability that caused Steven Spielberg to hire Noy as a movement consultant in his film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Noy taught actors how to interact with fictitious animated characters.

There is another unique element to Yacov Noy’s visual comedy. Having been born and lived in Poland, raised on a Kibbutz in Israel from age 11, and traveled around the world entertaining diverse audiences, Noy draws from a pool of unusual international themes. He introduces us to an American tourist on a camel in Egypt, a train ride in Costa Rica, a first-time golfer in Hawaii, and a child begging in India. Noy captures ordinary people in the act of dealing with extraordinary circumstances. He shows us the part of us that is willing to do and put up with anything.

Having risen from poverty to the top of his industry, with appearances on the Tonight Show and HBO, there is a strong international message in Yacov’s work: No matter who we are, how much we have, or where we are from, laughter is a language spoken by the child in all of us. We have a choice, to live in isolation and poverty, or to look past our differences and share the abundance of life.


“…Noy deals with basic emotions and is exquisitely expressive and often brilliant. He also exhibits a masterful purity of form and sense of timing…”
The Hollywood Reporter
by Gail Williams


“…Brilliant…visual comedy at its best…”
by Gus Dana (New York)


“…The charm in this special comes from the lesser known players, Noy and Mummenschanz…”
–TV Review for HBO Special Red Skelton’s Funny Faces
by Alan L. Gansberg


“…Noy has agility and grace and clever routines…”
Los Angeles Times


“…One of the best…a sheer delight…”
Miami Herald


“…Mr. Noy portrays a wide dimension of emotions and characters in his original creations…excellent entertainment…”
Maurice A. Ferre
Mayor of Miami, Florida


“…Exciting and effective…because he is who he is, no more words are necessary…”
Las Vegan